Greater Seattle’s Best Eye Care Center

From single vision designer eyeglasses and bifocals to sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories, we offer a wide selection of quality eye wear for men, women, and children.

Our product selection is unique and upscale. We carry brands such as: D&G, Oakley, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein, Kliik, Ooh LaLa, Flair, and Ete to name a few.

Dr. Mark J. Hamilton and Dr. Cathy Tran, optometric physicians provide eye exams to determine how to best correct your vision problem. We can correct the vision of people who are near-sighted and far-sighted or who suffer from age-related vision problems. Our knowledgeable staff pays great attention to detail and to your individual needs.

The in-house lab at Spex in the City does new glasses, repairs, and finish work.

Need your glasses today? We can do that.
(Depending on prescription and lens choice.)